I May Have Had A Snow White Animation Still At Some Point

Many of you cartoon fans probably have watched LewToons, it’s a series on Youtube detailing cartoons and cartoon series in various forms. LewToons is primarily known for his Gravity Falls theory videos and his Top 10 lists. Well, a year ago I watched LewToons “Top 10 Cartoon Facts & Theories Video” and came across his listing for 8th place. It was a fact about how the original Snow White animation stills go for a crap ton of money and are super rare and how there’s a bunch of them in the world  to this day.

Upon watching the video, a memory I had of my childhood re-entered my mind for the first time in almost a decade. I recall having what I believed to be some sort of Snow White poster, at least that’s what I thought it was when I was a kid. I’m assuming my parents also thought the same thing about it. It was a Snow White picture inside a white frame and looked like a scene right out of the movie. And if I remember correctly, their may have been an autograph by Walt Disney in the corner.

My memories of this event are a little muddled, but if what I’m thinking is correct I may have had a rare one-of-a-kind Snow White animation cell when I was a kid. And neither my family nor my childhood self knew of it’s rarity or immense value. Or, it could have actually just been a poster. I don’t think there’s any official way I could find out. I’m pretty sure my parents either tossed it out or sold it at a garage sale and I don’t remember it being in the best of quality either. So, how did we happen across this Snow White animation cell?

I have no clue to be entirely honest. My parents don’t remember the poster, nor does my sister. In fact, I’m the only one who seems to remember the Snow White poster. I also remember the other Disney posters we had such as Pinocchio and Hercules, which I’m sure existed. I do recall a Snow White poster of some caliber, but it’s entirely possible that I’m remembering it incorrectly. Could it be true? I’ll never really know, but if it is true I do lament the fact that my parents could have struck it rich by selling it for a ton of cash. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Hopefully, if that was one of the legendary animation cells then the person who has it now is sitting pretty with all that cash.


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