Convention Season Is Here!

May and June tend to be the times when most conventions start, at least the big ones. I remember the first comic book convention I went to, it was here in my hometown. It was a small offering, their wasn’t a whole lot of celebs there and the place was relatively tiny. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit! At this convention, I picked up Mazinkaiser for a very cheap price. All seven episodes on one DVD for about 6 dollars and 67 cents. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially when you take into consideration the price you’d pay for it at a store which would range from 20 to 30 dollars.

It was my first taste of a convention, but again it was super small. It wasn’t a super big convention and it didn’t have a lot to do. It was tiny and cramped, but it wasn’t an awful first convention. I stayed there for about an hour or two. Next year I spent a lot more time there, but still found the convention to be immensely tiny. Nowadays I stick to bigger cons that have more to do. The last con I went to had tons of guests like Brad Swaile and Tyler Mane. I’ll never forget my first convention, it truly was a magical time. If you’re a nerd or just some person who’s interested in nerdy things I reccomend going to a convention. Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere with no cities or towns within miles. If that’s the case, I recommend relocating to a large city or just simply watching a convention live on television.


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