My Favorite Star Wars Movie

When it comes to the many Star Wars movies, my favorite tends to either be episode 5 or Episode 3. I especially enjoyed Episode 3 because of how surprisingly good it was. The prequels had a nasty tendency to be boring, weird, or just have generally bad characters. However, Episode 3 managed to not only be entertaining but also memorable and enjoyable. It was rather surprising, especially considering the nature of the Star Wars films at the time. The prequel trilogy of Star Wars was a series of films dedicated to show the fall of Anakin Skywalker over to the dark side and the rise of The Empire.

Episode 3 was the final film in the prequel trilogy, depicting an epic confrontation between Anakin and Obi-Wan as well as showing us the downfall of both The Republic and The Seperatists. It was a rather epic film, full of memorable scenes and great action sequences. One of the few problems I had with the film was the portrayal of General Grievous. General Grievous was initially introduced in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. After appearing in that show, he was later depicted in the film itself.

However, he more of a coward and wuss than an unstoppable force of nature. In the cartoon, Grievous could take on multiple Jedis at once and come out victorious. In this film, he was defeated by a singular Jedi. Still, it was a very solid confrontation scene. This film depicted everything that went wrong and led up to the events of Episode IV. If you wish to be filled in some more on the proceedings between episodes 3 and 4 I suggest watching Star Wars: Rebels and playing the videogame Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Episode 3 will always remain a classic Star Wars movie to me, despite the films leading up to it being less than stellar. I look forward to Episode 7, I hope it’s just as good as both Episodes 3 and 5.


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