Winds Of The King Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This is a net fiction series that I’m starting, it’s styled like a superhero story in a way but I want to put some interesting spins on the established archetype. I hope to make this an ongoing series that I update regularly and maybe one day will be able to put into novel form.

Chapter 1: A Breeze Overpowers The Tornado

I wasn’t the kind of guy who was easily swayed by the idea of “Destiny” or “Fate”. To me, these concepts were not tangible. How do you give in to fate when there is so little proof it exists? A person meets the girl of his dreams and immediately deems it as fate, acting as if the sky itself opened up and allowed this beautiful woman into his earthly realm. It’s more of a coincidence to run into a woman so desirable in so many ways and more of a coincidence if she just happens to fall for you.

Still, that doesn’t stop people every year from believing in fate to the point where they block out reality itself. I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe in fate either. To me, putting your hopes and dreams on something that probably won’t happen is a waste of energy. That was, until that faithful day in September. It etched itself onto my very soul itself and changed my life forever. That was the day I gained the power to change fate itself. I was 22 at the time and was looking for a career to pursue. I needed something to grasp onto, I needed a plan for what I wanted to be.

I was talented at many things, but I needed something tangible and attainable now. I could probably become a singer or a guitarist, but for now I needed something to put cash in my pocket. On that day, I sat on my porch and thought of what I could put my skills towards that would benefit me. As I sat and contemplated about my future, I heard a strange whistle-like sound. It sounded like whistling, but also like something akin to an air current. What could be making such a sound though? The wind was completely calm today, yet the whistling of air currents sounded immensely loud.

Thinking back now, I always had a strange history with wind and air. My hat had never been blown off by the wind, nor had there ever been a strong enough wind that make it difficult for me to walk through. It wasn’t something that had me lost in thought too often, yet it didn’t stop me from questioning the oddness of it from time to time. This air current perplexed me the most, as it’s whistling felt almost like it was beckoning me forward. I tapped my greasy sneakers against the porch as the whistling became louder. And from that whistling, I heard my name being called: “Sean…” It was almost an unearthly sounding voice, like some kind of spirit calling me forth.

I gave my head a good shake and ignored it, I assumed that it was just a trick that my ears were deceiving. I went back inside the house and looked for my father, he was probably the one who was actually calling me. I found him in the kitchen, he was busy buttering a piece of bread while humming to himself. My father was a kind man, always smiling and humming while doing almost anything.

He stood at an impressive 6 foot 5 and has a semi-muscular build. He had the odd habit of wiggling his shoulders about as he buttered bread. I looked at his grey-ish brown hair and found that it was greasy and unkempt. It was clear to me that my father hadn’t had his daily shower yet. It took him a couple of minutes to notice me, but he turned to me and smiled once he did take notice. “Something you need, son?” The soft-spoken 50 year old asked as he continued to butter his bread.

“Well, did you call me? Something you need, pops?” He slowly shook his as he continued to grin from ear to ear. “I never called you at all, son. Must have been the wind!” The wind? I mused to myself once more about how often the wind played a role in my life. “Must be, dad. I’m going to head out, I’ll talk to later.” The man nodded as I turned to leave. “Be careful out there, son. The storm watch said there’s a nasty tornado that may strike the west side of town today!”

I gave the man a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, Dad. I’m always careful.” Afterwards, I proceeded to leave the premises. I wondered what that voice was and why it was calling my name. I thought that it may be something supernatural or otherworldly, but I quickly pushed those thoughts out of my mind. Even if it was something supernatural, wouldn’t that voice choose someone more remarkable to call out to? I was just a young adult, averaging at about six feet in height. I had brown hair, baggy pants, a red T-shirt, and wrote poetry in my spare time. I wasn’t super attractive nor was I strong or athletic. I refused to chalk up the voice’s presence to the supernatural or fate, that just wasn’t in my nature.

I walked along the street, my shoes kicking up dirt as I strutted across the musty sidewalk. My destination was that of the grocery store, I figured that a small Slushie would be enough to ward off the heat. It certainly was a nice day outside, so why was there a tornado warning? Looking up at the sky, it seemed remarkably calm. It lacked the usual signs of an incoming tornado. Despite this, everyone seemed convinced that the incoming storm was a reality. I was so lost in my thoughts, that I wasn’t even fully aware of where I was heading. I was snapped back to reality when I heard my name whispered to me once more. Once I exited my daydream, I found myself elsewhere. I appeared to be in a part of the city that I had never been to before. I had no clue how I got here as whenever I would daydream, I would always head to my preferred destination or finish my task. Yet, I had somehow gotten lost.

I wasn’t afraid or annoyed by this turn of events, I was more confused than anything else. This part of town seemed entirely vacant, few people were on the street and even fewer cars were parked nearby. It was as if I had stumbled across a ghost town of some sort. As I wandered about trying to find my bearings, I noticed something odd. Discarded newspapers and small pieces of garbage began to fly away, being pulled in the opposite direction of where I was facing. I also noticed a car beginning to move, a car that wasn’t even turned on. This stationary vehicle was moving, almost as if it was being pulled away, The whistling of the air current intensified as I heard noises that made my heart sink.

I could hear buildings being torn apart, I could hear the noise of glass shattering and I saw the end in sight. In the distance I saw something approaching, it was something I should have noticed sooner. It was a tornado and it was coming upon me fast! There was no way I could escape it, no way to run or hide. It was a weird day and I was about to meet death due to these oddities. My life had become an episode of Twilight Zone and this was about to my ending narration.

I stood strong and raised my arms up to my side as the beastly winds made their way towards me. I was surprised that I hadn’t be sucked into the tornado by now, but even more surprised that I had the courage to stand like this and not run away. Any mortal man would be racked with fear, yet I felt as though I understood the cyclone. It felt as though I looked down, almost as if I was superior to it. The tornado made its way to me and the violent winds were seconds away from enveloping me. The tornado hit me, but not in the way I expected. The violent wind brushed against my face and like an egg being thrown against a wall, the tornado began to quickly break apart. The winds faded as they weakened, the tornado was dissipating. Objects that had been sucked into the tornado fell the ground as what had been a violent cyclone was now a murmur of air currents.

I had stood against a tornado and it was the tornado that had paid the price. Any normal human would have been dead long before the tornado even touch him, yet I was able to stand against a maelstrom and survive. I wasn’t a normal human, I was sure I wasn’t even human at all! What was I? I decided that these questions would have to wait, I knew that people would be here soon asking questions. They’d wonder why a single man stood where a tornado once did and ask why he would survive such an event that would kill any normal man. I started running away from the tattered street. I passed by numerous buildings and found all of them destroyed. One building caught my eye, it was the only one that wasn’t damaged at all. It was named “The Pyramid” and it stood undamaged i the least. I stopped in my tracks I stared at the building, something about it was beckoning me forth.

I could hear the whispering of my name again, only this time it was far louder. Something was inside that building and it wanted to meet me face to face. Was this destiny? Had I stumbled across something that mortal men could only dream of? The winds of change had taken hold of my future, I knew that these powerful winds would send me somewhere amazing. Just where would we these winds send me? I had no idea, but I had every intention to find out. I walked up to the building, taking deep breaths each step of the way. I gripped the doorknob to the building and slowly opened it, not prepared for what I would find inside.


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