Dream Journal: Lord Of The Rings E-Bay Auction

I had a very bizarre dream last night involving the One Ring To Rule Them All from Lord Of The Rings. In said dream, I had somehow come across the one ring of power. For some reason, the ring wasn’t evil and didn’t tempt my soul or anything. Quite the opposite, as I wanted to sell the magical ring for a crap ton of money. I had duplicates of the ring for some reason, not sure why. A couple of my friend grabbed the duplicates and attempted to get the actual ring from me.

I ran off and started checking my backpack, so I can have the One Ring in my possession and make sure no one else takes it. I search through my backpack and find at least 20 different rings, some of which don’t even look like The Ring from the movie. Heck, some of them had what appeared to be Arabian text on them rather than the fictional language inscribed on them in the film. After trying on many different rings and finding none of them to be the legit article, I ended up waking up. What was weird about the dream is that it felt semi-realistic. I actually felt as though I was putting the rings on my finger in the dream, it was almost like a lucid dream.


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