Why I’ll Never Play Reign Of Kings

Recently this game has been making a lot of hype, it’s an Early Access game on Steam where you can craft your own armor, become King, and fight off a bunch of other players just to survive. This sounded very interesting to me, until I heard a lot of horror stories coming in about the game. I heard that there was a huge hacking problem, server glitches, lots of lag, etc. I’m not usually the kind of guy that will judge something he hasn’t played, but from what I’ve seen of it Reign Of Kings is a “Novelty Game”. It’s something that sounds great on paper and would probably be fun for an hour or two, but then the cold harsh reality sets in.

Anyone and anything can kill you, the server is mired with glitches, hackers and annoying players and server reboots will cost you all progress. I was interested in this game due to the several Let’s Play videos I’ve seen of it, but noticed that in each video all of the problems mentioned are present. I’d love to play a game where it’s an open-world RPG that isn’t populated by NPCs but game players. A world where I can become king and rule over the entire server until my eventual dethroning. For now though, Reign Of Kings remains Minecraft in Medieval times and that vision of an open-world king simulator may never come to pass. I certainly hope it does and we get that game we all have been anticipating, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. A game of this caliber would require a tremendous amount of time and effort and I can’t think of too many companies able to pull this off.


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