Drumsticks Are The Best Ice-Cream Ever!

And I’m not even really into Ice-Cream that much, but surprisingly I love Drumsticks! And what’s not to love? Drumsticks are the sugar-filled equivalent to a box of treasure. It’s full of goodies on top of even more goodies! You start by biting off that chocolate shell that is coated with nuts. And then, you get into the vanilla cone part. After eating through the vanilla, you get to that delicious caramel filling in the middle. You eat the filling and the rest of the vanilla and reach the cone part. And jammed within the cone is even more ice cream! And upon eating that, you find that the very bottom of the cone is lined with chocolate. DANG! Yeah, I know Drumsticks aren’t the healthiest for you, but they are still a great summertime treat.


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