The Electronic Disappointment Expo

E3 has come and gone once again and has shown us how low the money-grubbing videogame developers would stoop in order to wrestle the coins away from our wallets. Trailers full of promises that they can’t possibly keep, lies about technology, or Kickstarter drives shoved into the conference in an attempt to gauge interest instead of actually trying to fund the project that was advertised. E3 was just full of nonsense this year, just nonsense and toys.

They had very little games to actually show, it was primarily just cinematic trailers that barely showed the game. The only games that seemed mildly interesting were Fallout 4 and For Honor, but other than that few games actually grabbed me. On top of that, the trailers and developers spoiled a lot of what these games had to offer instead of letting the player discover these when playing the game.

This is why I prefer the magic of Steam or Playstation Network. With those services, I can check online reviews to see if a game is good without reading an in-depth breakdown on the entire game that ruins the charm of discovering these things for yourself. E3 was generally a disappointment, and I feel that if we want to get games back to that high quality they were in the early 2000s, then we need to start by trying to improve the Expo and focus more on what the people paid to see instead of banking off nostalgia and lies. We need to make an expo that appeals to everyone, not just the hardcore and casual audiences. Hopefully, the guys who see E3 will eventually see it that as well and try to change it for the better. Probably not, but it’s wishful thinking.


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