Solatorobo: The Game I Love To Love

When it comes to video games, especially the stuff that is shoved out these days I tend not to get hyped until the game actually ships. However, back in 2010 when I first heard about Solatorobo, I was genuinely enthusiastic. Here’s a came with cartoon-y animal characters, a fun and easy to grasp combat system and some good old giant robot action. It wasn’t until a whopping five years later did I actually get to play it. Last Christmas, I received a gift from my good friend In92Days, the gift of a Nintendo 3DS.

And when I was bopping around in the game story today, I spotted it: Solatorobo. It was something that was exciting to me, a game that hearkened back to what I loved about games. Fun, entertaining combat systems, and a game that didn’t care if it’s graphics looked like they were from an old Dreamcast or N64 games. Here we had a game that just wasn’t afraid to be what it was.

Solatorobo takes place in a universe populated by anthropomorphic dogs and cats. It takes place in the same universe as a similar title called Tail Concerto and features some of the same characters. In this game, you control Red and his robotic suit as you fight against an evil group trying to destroy you and take your medallion. It’s typical anime stuff, but the combat is the icing on the cake. Unlike other games where you punch and kick an enemy, Solatorobo takes the Captain Kirk approach. You see, instead of killing your enemy you grab them and toss them into the wall or you can use your stun gun to temporarily immobilize them.

Solatorobo is a typical action RPG, but it’s fun and refreshing enough to make me want to play it. With its fun and likeable characters, its simple yet dramatic story, and its fun combat, its probably one of the best Nintendo games I’ve played. It irks me how people act like Splatoon is Nintendo’s most unique idea in years, yet those very same people have never touched Solatorobo. It truly saddens me when people ignore such an awesome and under-appreciated game. I should know, I ignored it and kicked myself about it later.


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