The Un-Education System

Something that happened to me about a month back was a rather ignorant phone chat with a most unlikable school admin. You see, I was planning on applying at a course at particular college in order to broaden my horizons and get better paying office jobs. I had sent an e-mail to the college requesting more information on the course I would be taking. I never heard back and assumed it had gotten last in their e-mail folder or something. I then called the college itself to get the info I needed. The problem? The administrator was a rather ignorant and uncaring man. I was kind, polite, and honest on the phone yet the admin actively tried to discourage me from taking the course.

He told me that because I’m male, i have a very small chance of landing employment due to my gender. I felt demeaned by this, I was down on myself the whole day because of this turn of events. I feel that someone shouldn’t be discouraged from taking something because of their gender. I don’t think a school should be telling its students what they can and cannot do. And I don’t think a school administrator should be this uncaring.

There was a silver lining to this very dark cloud however, as I found a course at a different college that is far more flexible. I didn’t want to give my money to such a scumbag admin, a person who tries to talk his students out of seeking a higher education. I actually submitted this as a story to a local newspaper and am unsure whether or not they published it. I never received any sort of e-mail back aside from an e-mail trying to validate the story and didn’t scan every single paper that had come out since then. It’s been radio silence since then, which sucks because I feel the way I had written would inspire people to not let their school system bully them if something like this happens. Because the worst thing a school can do is discourage their own students.


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