Winds Of The King Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Been about a month since I updated this series. I’d like to make this into an ongoing written series about the adventures of a young man gifted with amazing powers trying to find his place in the world. Not the most original concept, I know but I hope to amaze at least 2 or 3 people with the series!

Chapter 2: The Cat Who Pawed At The Wind

I stepped into the building, my shoes clopping against the dusty welcoming mat in the process. The interior of the building looked abandoned, everything was either covered in dust or cobwebs. Despite all that, I felt drawn to something in this building. It was unexplainable and mysterious to me. Whatever it was, I could feel it calling to me. I felt that only this power would explain to me what had just occurred and it was the only way I would learn of my new abilities. My shoes beat against the dusty carpet as I ventured into the supposedly abandoned store.

Antiques lined every corner of the building, leading me to believe that’s what the store sold. Despite this, not a single object had a price tag on it. Could this be a museum? No, that wasn’t likely either. No museum is this unkempt, it felt more like a resting place of forgotten treasures. A person like me could probably snatch and grab this stuff, but I didn’t fancy myself a thief so I left the objects alone. The power drew me towards the back room and I believed that the person who knew of my power was behind this door. Is if to confirm my suspicions, I heard the whispering voice of the wind reverberate through my ears.

I gripped the dusty door-knob and slowly opened the door. The ragged wood door opened with a loud creaking sound, alerting anyone or anything in the room to my presence. I entered the room and found it filled with dusty old books. Books were everywhere in this room, they lined the walls and shelves and the desk was covered with them. Oddly enough, none of the books in the room were books I heard of. The books seemed to have several underlying themes, with titles that revolves gods or immortality and some cases even the apocalypse. I was a little creeped out by the situation at hand, had I stumbled into a cult meeting of some sort? Heck, there was even a book in the room written by an infamous cult leader! The book was titled “In Pursuit Of Immortality” and was written by the man known simply as “Norba”. I haven’t heard too much about the man, supposedly he was a Russian who worshiped various gods and pledged his life to them. He disappeared after a few years, but still left his presence upon the world.

Wandering through the collection of books, I stumbled across a single shelf with what appeared to be a golden statue shaped like a cat sitting atop it. The golden cat had small red rubies where its eyes were supposed to be and looked rather pristine. It also possessed what appeared to be ancient Egyptian markings. The statue had no dust or cobwebs lining it, something that struck me as odd. It was almost as if the object was brand new, despite the fact that everything else in the building was worn or damaged. Why was this object in such good condition when everything else was in decay? I gently reached my left towards it, raising it high in the air. Before I could reach the object, a new voice echoed through my ears. “That’ll be quite close enough, I don’t need you mishandling me!” Said a strange disembodied voice. The voice itself sounded ethereal yet more human-like than the whispers that had hounded me today.

I looked around for where the voice might be coming from, yet found nothing. “Up here, you daft goofball! The thing you’re looking for is up here.” I looked up and found myself staring up at the statue once more. My eyes opened wide as a realized where the voices were coming from: They were emanating from that statue! “Y-you can talk?” I asked nervously, feeling somewhat put off by the bizarre statue lying before me. “Well, of course I can talk. The question is, do you want me to talk?” I was confused by the way the statue phrased the question. “Uh… Yes, I want you to talk.” The voice emanating statue let loose a chuckle before interjecting. “If you wanted me to talk, then why did you act like I shouldn’t talk? You humans and your bizarre sense of reality.” I found myself being very put-off with the personality of the statue. I had only met this strange talking statue 2 minutes ago and I was already fed up with it. “Look, I came in here because I wanted to know why I stopped a tornado just by standing in front of it. I didn’t come here to discuss your ability to talk.”

The statue let out a low purring sound, emulating that of a common house-cat. “Ah, yes, how could I forget about the awakening of you powers? That tornado became just a footnote in your upcoming great legacy of triumph. Or your downward spiral into despair and loneliness, whichever comes first.” What the cat said just left me even more confused. “What are you talking about? What great legacy? What will it actually lead to?” The statue purred once more before speaking. “Wouldn’t you like to know? Unfortunately, I am only allowed to say certain things to you for the moment. My information is restricted, you understand how it is.” I scratched at my head as I muttered a response. “No, I don’t. You are being very vague about this whole thing, stupid cat statue.”

The eyes of the statue lit up. “My name is not “Stupid Cat Statue”! I am referred to by those who created me as “Nile”. I am an Egyptian construct of immense information, yet I am restricted into what I say to certain individuals. Nevertheless, you will get all the answers you require but you must prove it first, Sean.” I looked at the statue named Nile and glared intensely. “How do you know my name, Nile? And what must I do to prove myself?” The statue cackled as its ruby eyes lit up once more. “I know everything about you, Sean. How I know this information will remain my secret for now. As what you must do, you must prove your strength. In a graveyard near your house lurks a being known as “The Jackal”. He is the man who bares the face of a beast. Train and become and strong and then face him with all of your power. Only then, will you learn the truth.”

I sighed and rubbed my hand through my hair. “What’s with all this vagueness? Why can’t you just be straight up about this?” The cat’s eyes glittered as I heard the voice chuckle slightly. “Because where would the fun be if I just told you everything straight up? Plus, you wouldn’t believe half of it anyways! The only way for a person to learn the truth is to experience most of it for himself. Now, leave me. I must go back into my slumber and you have to train for your meeting. Hone your powers and prove yourself or go back to doing nothing. The choice is yours, Sean. And one last thing: Trust not The Stag. I’ll let you piece together what means on your own.” The eyes of the statue lost their glow as the voice of the statue ceased. “Nile? You still there?” I heard nothing, the statue didn’t respond me in the slightest. I had half the mind to break this stupid statue right then and there, but I had a feeling he was right about certain things. He knew my name and that I currently did nothing of importance. He told me to not trust The Stag, whatever that is. On top of that, he expected me to fight some sort of Jackal-headed beast in the graveyard! When did my life become a horror videogame?

After the statue ceased communication, I made my way through the store. I wandered through the musty store and exited the building, only to find two men standing outside. One had green hair that was styled in the shape of a Mohawk and possessed an immensely skinny body. The other fellow was bald, overweight, and multiple lip piercings. The two of them looked at me in utter astonishment. “Woah, dude! Are you some kind of magician? You just came out of nowhere!” Shouted the green-haired fellow, who was surprised by my sudden appearance. I looked at the two men and narrowed my eyes. “Uh… Are you serious? I just exited from that store behind me.” The two looked at each other before turning back to me. “Wait, what store?” Asked the inquisitive bald man, who somehow failed to see the store behind me. In fact, neither one of them could see it! I was drawing unneeded attention to myself, I knew that I had to get out of here. “Nevermind.” I said as I walked off. The two men didn’t try to run after me or anything, they continued to stand there in shock as I wandered away.

I made my way out of the destroyed street and back towards home, where my dad was waiting on the porch. His face was ghost-white and his forehead was covered in sweat, it was obvious that he had been worrying about me. “Sean! Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick!” I shrugged as I looked him dead in the eyes. “Sorry, dad. I went to a friend’s house and lost track of time.” The father wiped the sweat off his brow. “Well, as long as you’re safe, I’m glad. I heard the tornado touched down and I feared the worst. I’m just glad you’re okay!” I grinned, my dad always cared as much about me as I did about. Just seeing him every day was enough to tell me that my life has purpose. “Dad, I’ll always feel safe as long as you do.” The middle-aged man smiled and wasted no time in embracing me in a nice warm hug. I returned his affection by wrapped my arms around him and hugging him back. After we took some time hugging it out, I went back inside and up to my room.

What Nile said was still echoing through my brain though. What he said about my destiny, how it could lead to either despair or triumph, and how I would have to face “The Jackal”. Nile said that I must train to become stronger, or go back to living a life of doing absolutely nothing. There’s always secret option C: Get a girlfriend and get a life. What’s the fun in that though? I found that it was time to find out what I was and who I was. I was going to train and hone my powers and I will find out why I have these abilities. I was going to find out who I was and nothing was going to stand in my way!


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