Sweet As Syrup: Solatorobo Review

Sometimes a game comes along with a unique premise and concept, but it comes to late in a console’s life-cycle to garner enough interest. And with no game is that truer than Solatorobo, an amazing Japanese game that is a forgotten under-appreciated gem. It’s revolving around anthropomorphic animal-like creatures who stumble across an age-old mystery […]

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The Awesomeness Of Spider-Verse

Spider-Man is an ever popular comic book series, but sadly the latest story arcs featuring the character have been disappointing. One More Day, The Other, and Dying Wish all lacked that fun energy and good writing that he Spider-Man comics were known for. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up a few back-issues of […]

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Toukiden Kiwami Review

When it comes to a game that’s based off a specific culture, it can be sometimes to difficult to get fully invested in the scenario. I find that engaging in a different culture in video-games can be immensely rewarding though, because it can teach you many things that you did not know about said culture. […]

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Saint Seiya Asgard Arc Review

When it comes to anime, I’m a bit behind the times. Sure, I used to watch a ton of anime and had a collection of anime films, but nowadays I’m just kind of put-off with the styles of anime that are out there. Will I watch anime on occasion? Of course! However, I find myself […]

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