Space Dandy: One Of My Favorite New Anime

Shinichiro Watanabe is a name that is pretty well known in the anime industry. He created both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Both shows didn’t leave a whole lot of impact on me, which is rather surprising considering the universal love for both series. In fact, I like the movie of Cowboy Bebop a whole lot more than the. Shinichiro’s newest series last year’s Space Dandy.

Space Dandy tells the story of a bounty hunter named Space Dandy, who isn’t just hunting for rare alien species but also for women with voluptuous rears. Space Dandy, along with the cat-like Meow and the robot QT go out into the galaxy and have fun adventures. At the same time, a strange power causes Dandy’s world to go all topsy-turvy. Hunting for this power are a group of evil aliens, who wish to use this mysterious power for their own reason. It is a fun show with a surprising amount of depth. I highly reccomend Spacy Dandy if you are looking for a new and interesting anime.


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