The Downfall Of Five Nights At Freddy’s

There are some videogames out there that has a tendency to wear out their welcome way too quickly. One of these games is the now famous or infamous Five Night At Freddy’s. For those of you don’t know, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game that is famous for it’s unique take on the genre. It was set in a parody of Chuck E. Cheese known as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. You’d play as a security guard and have to survive fight nights at the restaurant in order to win the game. Sounds novel, but the game quickly became a joke among a lot of people. For one thing, it lacked a lot of content and each game only had about 5-7 levels each. And considering the fact that each level lasts only about 6 minutes, there isn’t a lot of content to really entertain a single individual.

Each game is usually 5-8 bucks, but considering you can beat each game in about an hour or two if you really know what you’re doing it’s not a tremendous value. I’ve played games on sale on Steam for about half the price that I’ve been able to sink a large quantity of hours into and still have many more things to find. Heck, I got a different indie game called “Dust: An Elysian Tail” which offers a lot more content and was on sale for a measly three dollars. Fives Nights’ real draw isn’t its content (Or lack thereof) but actually the lore surrounding the games. It takes place in a haunted pizzeria and begs you to search through secret details in an attempt to unravel the plot. It just sucks a new game tends to come out every three-four months. It watered down the franchise and killed a lot of suspense. Instead of waiting a year and getting a brand new sequel that improves the original in every way, you get a souped up rehash every three months. While the lore is definitely worth the admission price, the game just lacks too much content and is shoved way too much. That’s just my opinion though, you are free to form which opinion you wish on the franchise. I just tend not to like it myself.


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