Terminator Genysis Was Somewhat Okay

Well, not really. You see, a few weeks back I saw the newest Terminator film with my friend 92Days. And it was okay, but it lacked a lot of what made the originals so great. The whole movie was a bunch of cool ideas that sounded good on paper and might have made for a good Universal ride. But that’s about it, they are just cool ideas. Instead of working the film lore into these new ideas, they just gave up and kind of weaved their own narrative ignoring how the Terminator films worked in the past.

They removed characters that were integral to the plot and gave an unsatisfying end to John Connor’s story. They created a new arc with new characters, some of which were entertaining. Ultimately it was an attempt to do what X-Men: Days Of Futures Past did, but it just didn’t work. For one thing, the movie kind of tramples over the original characters and villains. T-1000 is lame in this movie, the CGI is awful and they underpower him for the sake of introducing a new villain. And they try to make this new villain a big deal but spoiled it in the trailers. On top of this, this new villain is given little fanfare. So even if you didn’t spoil the big reveal for yourself, you’re still going to be disappointed with how it is presented. I enjoy the Terminator films, even the mediocre ones but this film left so little of an impact that I could never go back to it. Genysis was just bland compared to the classics.


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