Been Getting Back Into Fallout New Vegas As Of Late

It’s a really good game and always grabs me every time I play it. I find it to be one of the most involving open-world RPGs of all time. It has such an amazing atmosphere and adds a lot to the Fallout universe. There are few open-world experiences like Fallout, and I found Fallout New Vegas to be the best iteration of the game thus far. I hope Fallout 4 can measure up to it, but I doubt it. While Fallout 3 was amazing, it lacked that certain flare that made Fallout so great.

Fallout 4 is being made by Bethesda, much like Fallout 3 was. New Vegas was handled by a different stuiod and ended up being a much more solid experience. I will reserve judgement until the actual game comes out, but I do have my doubts. I hope Fallout 4 can measure up to New Vegas in terms of quality, but I guess time will tell. Hopefully Bethesda can deliver like Obsidian did with New Vegas.


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