The Awesomeness Of Spider-Verse

Come at me, Spider! (Image property of Marvel Comics)
Come at me, Spider!
(Image property of Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man is an ever popular comic book series, but sadly the latest story arcs featuring the character have been disappointing. One More Day, The Other, and Dying Wish all lacked that fun energy and good writing that he Spider-Man comics were known for. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up a few back-issues of the newest Spider-Man story. It had been so long since I had read a Spider-Man comic so fulfilling and interesting. Not since “Kraven’s Last Hunt” and “Maximum Carnage” had a Spider-Man story arc captured my interest in such a way.

But here it was, the grand-daddy of all Spider-Man stories and it was just amazing. This story-arc involves Morlun, a Spider-Man villain who Spidey managed to defeat a while back. Morlun is back and he’s brought his whole psycho evil family with him. And not only are they hunting Spider-Man, but every single version of him. That includes 60s cartoon Spider-Man, Spider-Man India, Superior Spider-Man, 616 Spider-Man, and even that kooky Japanese Spider-Man from the 70s. This crossover event has over 70 different versions of Spider-Man, including ones they just made up!

It’s up to Spider-Man and his amazing alternate dimension counterparts to defeat Morlun. However, even though most of the Spider-Men was skilled, they face the most deadliest alliance. Morlun’ family is a group of hunters who can fell even gods single-handedly. The Spider-Men not only battle for their lives, but also for the fat of every variation on Spider-Man that has ever existed. The story arc is amazing well-crafted and even features some pretty clever in-jokes. For example, Japanese Spider’s mecha known as Leopardon is well-known for being one of the most powerful giant robots in all Tokusatsu. Leopardo was always able to defeat the enemy within one minute of the fight without taking any damage.

However, here Leopardon’s arm is easily ripped off by one of Morlun’s family members, negating the near indestructible nature of the mech. The comic is full of intense moments, like when Morbius tells Aaron Aikman that his world is doomed or when Superior Spider-Man (AKA Otto Octavios) gathers a group of Spider-Men together and has them work with his genius to thwart Morbius’ insane family. I cannot reccomend this comic enough if you are a fan of the spider like I am.


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