Just Saw The Newest Super Hero Taisen

It left a lot to be desired. The problem with the film that it takes classic characters, has them killed off by a brand new character they just shove into the film and have a lot of pointless fan-service. Look, I love Kamen Rider, and I love all eras of the show. This includes Showa, Heisei, and Neo-Heisei. Unfortunately, this film fails to properly adapt any era.

You had a bunch of classic Riders all played by their original actors, but most of the film focus on Kamen Rider 3. Kamen Rider 3 is an entirely new character, but he feels like a bunch of different Kamen Riders pasted together in an attempt to make someone new and interesting. He kills off Kamen Rider 1 and 2 in the first five minutes with zero effort and trounces Kamen Rider V3 midway through the film. It’s not that I’m opposed to adding new characters in order to spice things up, but Kamen Rider 3 felt way to overpowered for his own good.

Most of the film involves him fighting everyone off with relative ease, something that shouldn’t be possible for 3. You see, Kamen Rider 3 has elements of a Showa rider as well as a Neo-Heisei rider, but shouldn’t be able to easily fight the other Riders. Kamen Rider 3 defeats almost everyone he encounters and his appearance overshadows Kamen Rider Drive, who is supposed to be the hero of the film. Generally, I thought the motion picture was disappointing but it wasn’t really the worst film I had ever seen. It had its issues, but I still enjoy it for what it was and what it attempted to do.


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