The New Kamen Rider Series Is Awesome!

It’s surprisingly entertaining, considering I couldn’t really get invested in the last series at all. Kamen Rider Drive was just not my cup of tea, but I found Kamen Rider Ghost to be far more entertaining. It revolves around a young ghost hunter who dies and comes back as the eponymous Kamen Rider Ghost. With new found superpowers, Ghost must attain 15 mystical artifacts known as Eyecons within 99 days in order to fully resurrect. If not, he will be forced to pass on to the afterlife.

While doing so, Ghost must fight against mysterious ghost-like monsters who appear invisible to normal humans. Using his new powers, he must battle them while calling upon the spirits of dead heroes the likes of Miyamoto Musashi and Isaac Newton (Who isn’t a hero but the guy who discovered gravity) But yeah, it’s an entertaining series despite only a few episodes being out at the time of me posting this. It’s still certainly a fun show though and I’ll be tuning in for later episodes.


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