The New Danger Mouse Series Is Pretty Good So Far

I started watching the new Danger Mouse series upon its premiere a few weeks back. I’m enjoying it a lot, but I have to admit that it is not as good as the original Danger Mouse. If you watched the original series, than you would probably find it ahead of its time. For a cartoon in the 80s, it was very self-referential and goofy. There weren’t a lot of cartoons back then that were just a self-parody of its own concepts. Danger Mouse never took itself all that seriously, which allowed for some very well-written comedy.

The series itself revolves around a mouse named Danger Mouse and his hamster sidekick Penfold as they took on a large number of villains. It was up to the two to face against many threats while protecting the world and their homeland of England. The reboot follows the same general concept, except it has a larger animation budget and the animals in the series are now human-sized unlike before. It’s a pretty unique and fun series even though it could be a bit better. The original series was ahead of its time and because of that I feel the reboot is behind the times. Still, it’s a fun show with a lot of heart and character to it. I don’t think the new DM will ever measure up to the original, but I still think it is a great series.


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