Just Saw The New Star Wars!

It was amazing, I love it! There are few movies experiences this year aside from maybe the new Mad Max that I have found as engrossing as this film. It’s hard to compare to Episode VII, it just felt like such a good Star Wars experience. Sure, it had its flaws but I enjoyed it. I felt the villain was a bit weak at times, but I liked the way he was styled. He felt like an attempt to a more realistic adaptation from the prequels. It was cool to see old characters like Chewie and Han returning, that was definitely a good part of this film. I liked it a whole lot and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with these films next for the sequels!

I’m Going To Be An Uncle!

I’m ecstatic about the fact that soon enough I’m going to be an uncle! I’m nervous of course, but I’m looking forward to the learning experience of being an uncle. I may even take some babysitting courses, who knows? Only time will tell, but I’m definitely going to enjoy every bit of what this experience will bring.

Star Wars KOTOR 2 Is The Best Star Wars Game

You know, once you have the mod installed that puts in all the content that should have been in the game and fixes all the glitches. While it is just my opinion, I honestly think KOTOR 2 is the best Star Wars game. Why? Because it’s one of the few Star Wars products that feel like it’s actively trying to deconstruct what Star Wars stands for. A darker story, a less important protagonist, a better story (That did have some plotholes and a bit of bad writing here and there) and some interesting and unique characters.

It’s hard for me not to love this game, it just improves on what I loved of KOTOR 1. And with the mod installed, it fixes all of KOTOR 2’s problems and delivers us the experience was deserved. It’s fantastic! So much to do, so many interesting side-quests and stories. On top of that, there are so many more lightsaber colors and unique items and weapons to collect. Heck, you can even make an orange lightsaber! Seriously! Parts of the game still have problems. The finale is still a bit stale and there is bit too much of plot-convenience at times. Still, I had more fun with this than I did with the original KOTOR. Kreia was such a unique and interesting character that I enjoyed every minute she was on my game-screen. She was the reason the plot of this game was so great and Star Wars still has yet to deliver a character as well thought-out as she is.

EA Does It Again And Ruins Star Wars!

Aw man, who doesn’t love Star Wars? Aw man, who doesn’t hate EA? Well, EA and Star Wars aren’t the best combo. Sadly, EA is the current publisher of Star Wars games and they released a new Star Wars game about a week or two back. This was Star Wars Battlefront, a new game in the much loved Battlefront series. Except… It’s very sparse. You have only about three or four maps and that’s pretty lackluster for an FPS. You’d probably have played the entire game in about an hour or two, which is kind of sad. Still, I hope that EA doesn’t ruin Knights Of The Old Republic III, should they make it. Although, they have the tendency to ruin most games they publish…