Been Playing Some Pillars Of Eternity

Just this Christmas I recieved a gift from my sister and brother-in-law, it was Pillars Of Eternity for PC. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on this game all year and it was so satisfying to finally get to play it. It’s such a unique experience and it feels so much like those classic RPGs I grew up with.

I genuinely enjoyed the time I have spent with the game so far. In said game, you play as a character gifted with a special ability to see the spirits of the departed and essentially talk to dead people. You choose from 11 different classes that are all unique from each other and set off on your quest. It’s a fun game that could fundamentally take you hours to fully complete. I wholeheartedly reccomend this game if you enjoy old-school RPG experiences. I had a blast with it and if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you will too!


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