Favorite Kamen Rider Series

I’ve recently been watching through Kamen Rider Ghost and have been enjoying what I’ve seen of it so far. It got me thinking of what Kamen Rider series I consider my favorite. And that’s really a tough choice considering there are 25 series or so Kamen Rider series and a lot of them are pretty dang good. Honestly though, my favorite has to be 2008’s Kamen Rider Kiva.

It’s a show that crosses vampire hunters with superheroes and focuses on two lineages of people dedicated to protecting the world from a deadly threat known as “Fangires”. The main character is Kamen Rider Kiva AKA Wateru Kurenai. It’s up to this young man to hold back the menage, while working alongside his friends and a group of Fangire hunters. It’s a wicker awesome show with an amazing theme song. I actually still watch parts of the series every time Halloween rolls around, it’s really that good. I honestly reccomend it if you’re one of those fans of vampire of Halloween-type shows.


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