There are some things that are special to me and one of those things is a game I cherish greatly: Phantasy Star Online. I loved this game since I was a child and I recently posted a review up of it. I honestly want to get people interested in this franchise since it means a whole lot to me. Sadly, Sega has stopped bringing Phantasy Star over to America. I honestly think Sega should bring Phantasy Star back to this country, it was just such a good game series!

So, for those of you reading this, I suggest that if you have a Phantasy Star game of any kind, you should take part in this project. Take a screenshot of your favorite Phantasy Star game and a moment that meant something to you. Then, send those photos to Sega on a specific date. I may have a problem with the way Sega is run nowadays, but I honestly think they can change and start bringing these games back to the shore. Maybe, if a lot of people sent in pictures of their favorite moments to Sega’s personal e-mail, we could get Sega of America to care again! If you’re on Twitter I suggest you use the hashtag #bringbackthephantasy Whether you are a fan of the original Phantasy Star series, Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Universe, or even the newer games, you should show Sega that you still care. Even if Sega doesn’t care much about the Phantasy Star base in America, it’s still a worthy effort to try. I suggest sending all your e-mails to Sega on this date: July 23, 2016. This was the day the last update of Phantasy Star Online was released. Again, change may not happen but it’s good to talk about these things. Games are an art-form that I believe needs to be preserved. Whether they make new games or re-releases doesn’t matter to me, as long as Sega brings back the Phantasy.

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