Sweet As Syrup Reviews Explanation

Aside from short stories, one of the things I love to do on the blog are reviews. I sometimes review other stuff, but mainly focus on games. I usually only review a game under 1 of these following conditions:

  1. I play the game for 8-10 hours and have enough of a working knowledge to grasp the game.
  2. I beat the game.

There are things I tend not to do though:

  1. I don’t review games I’ve never played.
  2. I don’t give manufactured responses. I try to be true to what I like or dislike about a game.

I’ll usually give the game I score, but I tend to rate a game primarily on whether it’s “sweet as syrup” or not. Because syrup is sweet, it doesn’t have to be good for you but it always has that good sugary taste. It doesn’t matter what the brand of syrup is, it’s still great. Games are just like that, a game doesn’t have to be a masterpiece of game design to be great. Sometimes it can be great on its own merits and that is something I can appreciate.

I want to put out more of these reviews as I really enjoy writing them. I feel I get better with each review I post. I’d like to know how I should improve, so feel free to leave comments telling me what I should improve on. With that, I hope you all have a good day and enjoy my blog. 🙂


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