The Preservation Of Games

I was watching Lazy Game Reviews today (LGR for short) and his discussion about games that you need an online connection to access. You see, after the online server for these games go down you can long play them. For example, certain versions of Phantasy Star Online are like this, now only being playable on a Private Server despite having single-player modes. This sucks for multiple reasons, since you can no longer access game despite owning it. A game with an offline single-player mode should be yours forever, whether the servers go offline or not. An online connection shouldn’t be required for a game to be played single player.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a game I want to get, but knowing that it is online only I will never be able to fully keep the game. This is because the servers will eventually disappear and my ability to play the game will disappear with it. A game shouldn’t die just because the servers die. What is the point in buying a 60 dollar game if it just becomes worthless five years later? LGR is right, this needs to stop. You pay for the game, you have a right to keep the game forever and always until you decide to sell it or get rid of it. Game companies have no right to render your purchases obsolete. That is why if you see a game with an online-only DRM, ignore it. Even if it is something truly amazing, it ain’t worth it. You want a game you can keep forever, not for a small percentage of your lifespan. Game companies have no right to cheat you out of what you paid like this. We need to all stand up and refuse to purchase these kinds of games, so companies know that this isn’t right.


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