Looking For Some Phantasy Star Action?

Check out the private server Ephinea! No, this is not a paid advertisement of any sort. However, I feel that this Phantasy Star Online private server is amazing. Ephinea is a completely free download, the creators of the project ask for no money at all. The servers are self-funded by the hosts themselves and the cost to host servers is phenomenally low. Ephinea acts as a perfect recreation of the original PSO experience with added features. Not to put down the other PSO private servers (Like Ultima and Schthack) but the constant updates to the interface and new additions make this the best private server.

The game itself boasts a moderate community. You will usually never see anymore than 50 people online, but there is still enough peeps there that you won’t feel completely alone. The users that dwell there are nice and super helpful! To get the game running, you need to download the game’s installer. More than likely, this will not agree with your antivirus. The game is a “false positive”, essentially a download that is entirely safe yet sets off your antivirus. This is because of how the game is coded. It it an MMO, which means the program connects to the internet. This would cause certain antiviruses, like AVG and Norton for example, who throw a fit about it. As I mentioned in my Blue Burst review, it is best that you always make sure to run back-checks on what you are downloading. If you don’t believe me in saying that the download is safe, be sure to scan the files and search forums first. I am not leading you on at all or lying to you about this being safe, but sometimes you can’t trust a random stranger on a blog. And with that, I bid you adieu. Ephinea has a server of kind people to play with, but keep in mind every server has its black sheep. Be wary of trolls and play with some pals and I’m sure you’ll have a good time.


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