Sweet As Syrup: Anarchy Arcade Review

Believe it or not, a lot of programs on you computer may be less useful than others. Such as having an antivirus that is so overprotective it refuses to let you do anything at all, or having a Microsoft Office application that doesn’t open without a code you don’t have. However, some programs may seem useless but have a use that outshines all other programs. A program with a functionality that makes it a ton of fun to use and toy around with. The program I am talking about is Anarchy Arcade, a virtual arcade program that turns your boring desktop into an arcade and lets you fill it with all your PC games. Sounds interesting? Well, I haven’t even scratched the surface!

Need To Know Information

Anarchy Arcade was originally released in fall of 2014. The game is still in Early Access despite being released a while ago and bills itself as a “game between games” and a “virtual arcade. The game is available for free on Steam and boasts a surprisingly large amount of fan-made content. Anarchy Arcade is a third-party program/game and only operates on PC at the moment.


Sorry guys, this game has no story. It is just you building an arcade. If you want, you can always super-impose a story over the game using your imagination, which is something I highly reccomend. To be honest, Anarchy Arcade doesn’t really need a story as all it is a virtual arcade.


Anarchy Arcade is best described as “Minecraft meets the arcade”. It allows you construct an arcade from all of the games on your PC. Yes, all of your games! This includes Steam games, Origin games, or even random games you have just downloaded on the web. The game starts you off by letting you choose room you want to customize. You are then asked to walk around your house, customizing it to your pleasure. There are several rooms, but if you don’t like the look of them you can just download one off of Steam. You can then turn your PC games into individual arcade machines. The arcade machine acts as a shortcut to the game. So, whenever you want to play a game you can just boot this up and walk over to that arcade machine to start the game. And when you get bored with a game, you can just exit and go to a different game with extreme ease. Keep in mind that Anarchy Arcade does improve functionality of certain games. It is not stream the videogame, it only allows you to play the games through the virtual arcade shortcuts.

However, it is not just games that are present in Anarchy Arcade. Want to make a room and fill it with pictures from your desktop? You can do that! Want to fill it with movies that you had downloaded? You can also do that! The game is great for just dumping your entire desktop into it and creating a virtual representation of it. You can even go online and visit other arcades, which is awesome. The game boasts online multiplayer and people will even visit your arcade, even when you are not online.

When first starting the game, you only have a few options for what kind of arcade machines you wish to make. As you put down more arcade machines and spend more time crafting your dream arcade, you earn points. These points can be used to buy different arcade machines, all without the need of having to buy virtual money. That’s right, no micro-transactions!  You can also buy props to further customize the look of your house. There are so many different options for arcade machines to put down that it is staggering. If you don’t like how a machine is setup or spaced, you can easily remove it. The game lets you live out your dream of creating your ultimate desktop arcade!

Visual Stimuli

This game has some really archaic graphics. One look at the graphics of this game and you might think you downloaded a game from the early 2000s by accident. Still, the weak graphics serve the purpose of allowing you to run the game on almost any PC. It doesn’t require a heavy-duty graphics card, so it is easy to install and toy around with. The game has arcade-inspired sound effects like bleeps and bloops, along with other generic sound-effects. It doesn’t take you out of the experience too much though. On top of this, the game lacks a soundtrack as well. It’s not the worst though, I don’t play a game like this for the visual treats. This is more of a program for just goofing and doing one thing and one thing only: Building a freaking sweet arcade!

In Summation

This game is a free app that just lets you toy around with making arcade machines and such. It is fun and easy to us and gives you an alternative to browsing through a boring menu to play a game. Now you can walk around a virtual house to play your games, all while sitting at your desk. It is a simplistic program and it ain’t going to win any awards for looking good, but it is great fun for an hour or two. This game is a free alternative to having pay thousands of dollars to make an arcade in real-life. All in all, I can say that this program / game is as sweet as syrup. Since this is really more of a program than a game, I cannot give it a score out of 10. However, if you are interested I reccomend you checking it out. Again, it is 100% free and very easy to use. I hope you all have fun building your own arcades using this amazing program!


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