Remembering Mazinkaiser

When it comes to anime, I’m more of a passing fan. I used to be a big fan of anime and would often buy anime films, but eventually tired of all that and just stopped watching those series. I do go back to certain anime once and a while, but there are few anime I enjoy much as Mazinkaiser. Mazinkaiser was a bit of special series for me as it was the first anime OVA (Which stands for Original Video Animation) I ever bought. This 7 episode series acted as soon of a reboot of the original Mazinger shows.

The main character was Koji Kabuto who piloted the powerful giant robot Mazinger Z and fought alongside his friends in order to thwart the evil Baron Ashura and Dr. Hell. After the first episode though, Mazinger Z was replaced by Mazinkaiser, one of the most powerful giant robots of all time. Not once in this entire series does Mazinkaiser receive a single scratch. Mazinkaiser is harder to damage than a Super Mutant Behemoth in Fallout.

Mazinkaiser is a series that is gory, violent, and filled with naughty scenes. It is generally what I would call “R Rated” but presents itself with enough cheese and silliness that I think most people may find something to enjoy about it. Mazinkaiser is harder to find nowadays. I think the DVDs have gone out of print since the early 2000s, but you can probably find the occasional copy at a flea market or used bookstore. I have fond memories of this show and enjoy it immensely. It had giant robots, fun action scenes, and great designs. Plus the show exudes this classic 70s animation style that I just adore. If you watch this show, I reccomend watching the Japan-only film based off the show as well. They are both equally fantastic!


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