My Favorite Vita Game

The Vita is sadly a very underrated console. It had some good games in its lifetime, but sadly Sony just didn’t market it well. There was just not enough AAA games to keep people interested. However, I think one of my favorite games for this console is Soul Sacrifice Delta. This game is amazing! You play as a nameless prisoner who finds this mystical talking tome named Librom. Librom then sends you into the book to relive past memories of a nameless sorcerer and inherit his powers. It’s kind of like Ultimate Book Of Spells, except it doesn’t get lame! I had so much fun with this game and I hope they make a sequel to it.

Sack-Face is my character BTW. I’d honestly love to get him greenlit into a horror film monster. (Image captured from my Vita, gameplay is property of Sony Entertainment)

It may be a Monster Hunter clone, but it is a damn fine action RPG. I hope to do a full review of it later, but I’ve been saving that for a special occasion. What I can tell you is that this game is my all time favorite game. There are few games that have weaved such an interesting and thought-provoking story as this game. It truly is a masterpiece in my opinion, which sucks because it sold so poorly. Still, it is a gem among the Vita library and it’s my personal fave.


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