Personal Thoughts: Digimon Adventure Tri Determination

Like a lot of people, I grew up with the classic Digimon series. The series revolved around 7 kids who are given digital friends / pets known as Digimon upon arriving in the “Digital World”. With these Digimon, they fight various monsters and villains in order to save the world. Recently, the series was brought back with the Adventure Tri films. I’ll be honest, these films are awesome yet immensely flawed. They keep you in the dark way too much, there is so much mystery and so much stuff you won’t get unless you watched the show.

The films are also a lot darker than the series had been. The films have so far mainly taken place in the real world, which may annoy certain people who liked the Digital World better. I enjoy the films, but I find both the pacing and the large amount of mystery to be distracting. I like a good story, but it is hard to get involved in it when I know nothing about the characters. This is only the second film of a six film series and yet we have 6 mysterious characters! It’s just getting out of hand and I would like if the director would detail the story better. It is a great film series, but it needs to stop being so obtuse. I highly reccomend it if you like Digimon though.


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