My First Encounter With A Videogame

One story I like to tell is how I first got interested in games. Believe it or not, I suck at remembering a lot of stuff that happens. Despite this, I have a near photographic memory of things pertaining to videogames. Some may call that a useless skill, and in most ways it kind of is. However, it does allow for me to remember a lot of my more precious childhood memories. One memory I cherish greatly was how I first got interested in games.

How I was first introduced to videogames was in Kindergarten. I was in a computer class with some older kids who were playing Pac-Man on a very old computer. I could still remember how much I was excited by the simplistic graphics. I could remember those glowing lights, those shimmering pixels, and that awe of discovery. It was that moment I knew that I loved videogames and since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the medium even during its highs and lows. It’s a story I thought I’d share with you guys, considering this blog is almost a whole year old and I feel it is a story worth telling. Despite being a super short story lacking detail, it really defined me as a gamer.


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