Zootopia Was Pretty Freakin’ Sweet!

I just saw the Zootopia film with my friend 92Days. Zootopia is a pretty solid film. It revolves around this bunny who wants to make it as a copy who coaxes this sly fox named Nick Wilde into working with her to solve a crime. You see, Judy has to prove herself and solve a crime in 48 hours or else she will lose her job. It’s up to Judy to explore the new world with her unlikely partner and stop a strange epidemic before things get out of hand.

This film is amazing! The CGI is fantastic, the characters are likeable and it was just all-around enjoyable. Would I see it again? Possibly not, but it was fun enough that I was entertained the whole time through. It was truly a great film and is one of the better Disney films out there. Sure, the third act was a bit weak and the film seemed to rely on reused plot elements too much but it was still a fantastic film.


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