Started Playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

I’ll be honest, when it comes to Kingdom Hearts I have not touched much of the series. I’ve only really played Birth By Sleep, yet know most of the plot for 1 and 2. Would I play Kingdom Hearts 3? Quite possibly. Now you’ve got all the Kingdom Hearts games being re-released in HD, so there’s a good chance I may go back and play some of the older games. Right now, I’ve been focusing on 358/2 Days. This is the Kingdom Hearts game that has a lot of people divided.

For one thing, the game focuses entirely on the villains of the series Organization XIII instead of on Disney or Final Fantasy characters. On top of this, the game featured a mission structure with rewards given to you at the end of each mission. This gave the game more of a Monster Hunter-styled structure to it. But hey, if you love the Organization you’d probably get a kick out of it. I’ll definitely have to play this game some more before giving it a full review!


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