Sweet As Syrup: Fate Review

Believe it or not, for the longest time I had not played a single dungeon-crawler. I love RPGs in general but never tried a single dungeon-crawler until Dec 31st 2013. On that day, I got my first ever Steam card as a Christmas gift. I had never really used Steam until that point, but was undoubtedly interested in what Steam offered. So, I nabbed this game for about a buck to see what it was all about. This was the first dungeon-crawler I had ever played and man it was an enjoyable experience!

Need To Know Information

Fate was originally released for Windows PC and Mac in 2005. The game was developed by WildTagent and designed by Travis Baldree. The game has several expansions and sequels, all of which were released onto Steam with the original game.


In Fate, you play as a random adventurer sent into a large dungeon with multiple floors. At the final floor you encounter and ancient evil and destroy it. The ancient evil is always different every time you play the game as the game employs random generation. The story isn’t anything to write home about, really. Upon beating the game the first time, you are given the option of continuing to play the game with your current character or to retire him. If you retire him/her, you will gain a new character who will “inherit” a super strong item from the previous character you played as. It’s a simple story with a simple setup, yet it is not the real focus here…


Gameplay is where Fate excels most as the game boasts some rather entertaining dungeon-crawling. You play as an adventurer and gain new levels and skills by defeating enemies. On top of this, you can gain all kinds of different weapons and items. You can also enchant items using an enchanter who lives in town or a special anvil that can be found in the dungeon. The enchanting is always randomized though, so you may run the risk e of your item becoming insanely worthless.

The game is your typical hack-and-slash game. You click to attack, you can press hot-keys to drink potions, and you gather gold and equipment as you journey to the depths of the dungeon. What makes this game interesting however, is that you have a pet. Your animal partner can carry items for you, attack enemies, and can even be sent back to town to sell all the stuff you don’t want. It’s a really good system and it makes dungeon-crawling far more convenient. On top of this, you can feed your pet different kinds of fish to transform him into more powerful forms. Unfortunately, fishing is overpowered in this game and you’ll find yourself gathering transforming fish really fast.

Also, the game features special encounters in the dungeon that can reward you with rare items. The game always gives you the option of trying to nab the item or not as it could cause you extra trouble if you decide to do so. The game has no multiplayer, which is rather surprising. Usually dungeon crawlers have a mutliplayer feature which helps add to the replay value. Unfortunately, this game does not possess that feature. Generally though, I find this game to be solid despite a few shortcomings.

Visual Stimuli

I’ll be blunt here, this game has not aged well. The graphics look really dated as do the textures. On top of this, some of the character designs just seem really generic or boring. Heck, you can ever make a custom character that looks like Harry Potter! I’m not saying it is something that is completely awful, but it’s something that just draws my attention away from the game. Generally, I did not encounter too many glitches or frame-stuttering, which is something I really liked.

The part of this game I didn’t like was the music. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I generally found the music to be very bland. I felt like I was watching a commercial for Devry Institute every time I heard a track. It wasn’t anything awful, but it was just so bland it was forgettable. All in all, I felt the visual and audio elements of the game to be fairly lacking.

In Summation

Fate isn’t a terrible game or even a bad game, but it has its problems. It lacks any sort of multiplayer mode, the visuals are immensely dated, and there just doesn’t like there isn’t enough replay value. Still, I found myself enjoying the game quite a bit. It had its problems and hiccups, but it wasn’t enough to keep my from playing the game. That’s why I’m giving this game a 7/10. This game is definitely as sweet as syrup and I reccomend grabbing a copy on Steam if you interested. You can get the game dirt cheap on sale!


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