Last year, I posted a journal about how a fire was nearing my cabin up at the lake. Of course, the fire didn’t reach the cabin, but it still freaked me out nonetheless. The thing is that a cabin is more easily replaceable than say a home. And unfortunately, that’s what most citizens of Fort McMurray are dealing with. Hundreds of thousands of people have already lost their homes and now the fire has forced them out of their nearby camps. This has been going on for over a week and it’s truly awful. I live in Saskatchewan, so there days when the smoke from Fort Mac blows over here and paints a grim reminder of the harshness that the people over there are going through. I’ve never lost a home, but I can understand the sentimental value that is being lost due to the fires. Not everyone can afford house insurance, and it’s a shame that Fort Mac is having such a massive fire after all the hardships they’ve already been through. I honestly reccomend supporting any relief efforts, Fort Mac needs all the support it can get right now.

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