Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Is Pretty Sweet!

As of late, I’ve been getting back into the anime known as “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”. It’s based off this old manga that still runs to this day. The series is divided into eight parts and part focuses on a different protagonists. Usually, each protagonist has the words “Jojo” somewhere in their name. Each story arc revolves around some person (Who is usually a muscular dude) fighting vampires, zombies, magic users, dimension-warpers, or any other kind of bizarre entity.

Each arc usually has a different feel to it.The first arc is more of a tragedy, depicting a young man rebelling against his viscous evil brother who becomes a vampire. The second arc is more of a straight-up adventure and deals with the grandson of the previous main character dealing with a group of powerful ancient vampire-creatures. A lot of the arcs are like this, and it’s a ton of fun! It’s also a very dark and violent show, definitely not something for the casual viewer. Though, I do love when a show isn’t afraid to bare its teeth!


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