Sweet As Syrup: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World The Game Review

Sometimes, there comes a movie that is just as good as the source material on which it is based. And sometimes, there comes a game based on both the movie and its source material that in many ways outclasses both. Today, I would like to discuss a game that I love. This is a rare game, something you can’t even legitimately get anymore. I only have it because I downloaded years before the license expired. Today, I shall discuss with you all the awesomeness that is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game.

Need To Know Information

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was originally a manga-styled comic book series featuring the titular hero Scott Pilgrim as he had epic videogame-based fights with “The League Of Evil Exes”. The comic was followed by the 2010 film which adapted all the books in one go, but added a completely different ending. Likewise, the game deviates from the plot of both the comics and the movie. The game itself was released not long after the film, but a small promo exists in the film for the game. After the credits, the sprite for Scott briefly appears as a sort of Easter Egg. The sprite’s appearance in the film predates the release of the game.


Our story takes place in Ontario, Canada. Scott Pilgrim is your typical young-adult, except not. Scott has strange unexplained videogame-based powers, but also plays in a rock-band. Scott falls in love with a blue-haired girl named Ramona Flowers, who has a large amount of baggage. You see, it turns out that Ramona has seven evil exes who control her love life. And the only way Scott can get with Ramona is if he kills seven supposedly evil people he never met before!

Yeah, it’s a dumb plot, but it’s a lot of fun. The game version glances over this plot though, and compresses a lot of its plot elements. You go to many locations from the movie and comics, as well as some new locations. The game also changes certain events and chooses not to depict certain scenes in the game. The plot has been simplified, which isn’t too bad considering the final volume of the comic was very convoluted, to an extent. If you’re expecting an extremely in-depth plot with high-stakes, you aren’t going to get it here. Still, it gets the job done and is a fairly enjoyable setup.


The game is a side-scrolling beat-em-up with some slight RPG elements, kind of like Castle Crashers. You choose from one of four characters: Scott, Stephen, Ramona, and Kim, and proceed to fight through seven worlds of action-packed bliss. The game has you taking on waves of enemies, and moving onto the next area after defeating them all. No matter which character you choose, they all have regular attacks as well as special attacks which do more damage. You can also summon up an assist character to attack your opponents and deal some damage. It never gets boring summoning up the ninja-wannabe Knives Chau to dish out the pain on some sorry henchmen.

While fighting through the levels, you can enter stores to buy new items such as power-buffs and healing items. On top of this, you can also level up which will increase the amount of HP and GP you can have. You can also pick up various items along the ground and toss them at your opponent, which is a ton of fun! This includes using stop signs, pipes, and even buckets as throw-able items and bludgeoning weapons. Heck, this game manages to make tossing garbage cans  halfway across the alley at rabid dogs fun! Though, I would not reccomend trying this in real-life, it will not end well.

The game offers various bonus stages and special levels that will give your items, or even allow you to unlock secret characters. Bosses are fun and varied, some of which are more entertaining than their film and comic book counterparts! The game will take you roughly 4 hours to complete, so it isn’t a very long game. You could beat in an afternoon, if you wanted to. If you want to 100% the game though, it will take longer. For the price, it’s a fun game despite it’s relatively short-length.

As much fun as I had with the game, I found that there were some noticeable flaws in terms of gameplay. For one thing, I found that the screen could get a bit too crowded at times. It isn’t as bad in single-player, but it gets especially annoying in multiplayer when you accidentally deck your allies in the face while trying to hit an opponent. The game also doesn’t do a whole lot to ease newcomers into the game. If you haven’t heard of Scott Pilgrim before, then this already insane plot would same even more insane to you. The world itself isn’t fully elaborated on and limitations of what can happen are not set in stone. Then again, I know a lot of people would like that due to the unexpected nature of it. All in all though, despite a couple of hiccups, I found the gameplay to be very satisfying.

Visual Stimuli

The game uses pixelated graphics and it really adds to the nostalgic factor of this game. Scott Pilgrim is a series that loves and constantly pays homage to old videogames, so it’s best to have a visual presentation that captures it. The sprite-work is amazing and captures the style and energy of the original comic. Character designs are varied, and look nice. Sadly, the enemies are as varied in terms of design. Most enemies you encounter will look fairly generic. You’ll encounter dudes in shirts, zombies, and even mummies, but most of the designs won’t stick with you after the game is over.

The music is bit-tune, styled in the vein of classic 8-bit games. It sounds great and each stage has a unique tune to it! The music may start to wear out its welcome after a while though, as the game likes to loop the tunes quite a bit while you fight through the levels. Boss music also sounds pretty good, taking into consideration the unique personalities and quirks of the characters they represent. The game is set in Canada and takes full advantage of this setting by having Canadian currency drop from every enemy you defeat, as well as setting certain stages across a snowy suburban backdrop. While each stage does feel varied, the game only has about seven levels in total. While the variety is welcome, it would’ve been nice to include a few more stages. I felt that the game’s visual presentation though was quite nice overall.

In Summation

Despite it’s short-length, difficulty to come-by, and rather crowded action sequences, Scott Pilgrim manages to be a great sendoff to the comic it drew inspiration from. It may not do a good job of bringing you into the Scott Pilgrim world, and the simplistic story might not be enough for some people, it’s still a lot of fun. It’s entertaining combat, charming visuals, good sound-design, and overall fun atmosphere makes it one of my favorite beat-em-up games. As previously mentioned, you can’t get this game anymore. Sadly, the only way to get it is to pirate it, or buy a console with the game pre-installed it. Still, if you get you manage to get your hands on it, you’ll still get a very satisfying gaming experience. That’s why I can say Scott Pilgrim is as sweet as syrup. Since this game isn’t technically available for purchase anymore, I can’t really give it rating. Still, if you’re a fan of Scott Pilgrim and old beat-em-ups, definitely check this out!


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