The Youtube Dilemma

Most of the time, I make it a policy to stay away from Youtube controversies. However, I couldn’t really ignore this as it affects the quality of the entire website. Youtube has started enforcing mass censorship of its entire platform, effectively silencing the voices of tons of people who just want to do videos on their site. There’s no more swearing, no more violence, no nothing! A lot of people have had their monotization shut off due to this censorship.

A lot of popular users have left the site already, and more plan to leave in the future. While the remaining talent can still make a lot of cash for Youtube, I doubt it will be enough to keep Youtube going for more than a couple of years. Even though Youtube does have a lot of cash saved up in the bank, it’s not enough to keep the site going indefinitely, especially if all its talent leaves. Youtube cannot keep this going forever, especially with a lot of its current talent ditching the service. I feel bad for all the people that are losing their jobs, their livelihoods just because of Youtube’s bad decisions. This was a platform that I used to look up to and appreciate. Now, I can barely stomach it.


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