The Various Problems with Dragon Ball Super Part 2

Hi guys, I’m back with more things I dislike about Dragon Ball Super. Please keep in mind that like the first part, this is completely opinion-based. If you don’t agree, than that’s fine. I respect your opinion and I hope you take the time to respect mine. Also, I reccomend reading the first part as it also details a lot of the problems I had with this series. Without further adieu, let’s get back into it!

Problem #5: It’s Just a Promo for Dragon Ball Heroes

This one is a bit more like a theory, but just hear me out. For those who don’t know, Dragon Ball Heroes is a popular arcade game in Japan that uses Dragon Ball Carddass cards. The game is one of the few things keeping Dragon Ball afloat in Japan. The game actually looks pretty fun, it has a bunch of classic Dragon ball characters and adds a ton of new ones. It seems like a generally fun and novel concept.

However… I can’t help but shake the feeling that the Super series is just introducing it’s characters as fast as possible, so they can be quickly shoved into the game. Again, this is a theory and I don’t have any solid evidence behind it, but it does explain a whole lot. It would explain why a lot of the new characters are carbon-copy clones or palette swaps (Like Champa or Vados) or why certain characters feel a bit rushed (Like Goku Black). It doesn’t help that the characters are shoveled into the game not long after they are introduced, giving fans little time to get attached to these new additions.

Before Dragon Ball Super came along, Dragon Ball Heroes had already been running for five years and had already used a ton of pre-existing Dragon Ball content in its story. By the same Super started, Heroes had started using content directly from the newest game: Xenoverse. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Super was just rushed along in order just so they could shove more things into Heroes.

In a way, Super feels less like a spiritual successor to the previous anime shows, and more of an overgrown commercial for a far more successful sub-franchise. That’s not a bad thing on it’s own, but the show being nothing more than a giant billboard hurts it quite a bit. Dragon Ball Super has a lot of good going for it, but also a lot of bad. Super feeling like a commercial for Heroes (and also possibly Xenoverse) is definitely one of those bad things.

Problem #6: Almost Everybody Is Useless

One problem a lot of people have had with the previous Dragon Ball Sequel, known as Dragon Ball GT, was that it mainly focused on Goku and not on anyone else. Goku always beat the villains on that show, and most side-characters did jack-all despite getting power upgrades. Now, Dragon Ball Super isn’t as bad in this regard, but it still is quite a big problem.

It’s mostly Goku and Vegeta that beat the villain or save the day. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as Trunks beating Goku Black or Yamcha winning the big baseball game in an excellent filler episode. The problem is that Goku and Vegeta are still the primary focus in most arcs, with other characters like Tien and Gohan getting shoved to the side. Heck, Gohan is treated worst in this series than he is in GT and the Buu Saga! Gohan has become extremely weak due to lack of training. Gohan said that he would get back in shape after the Resurrection F saga, but doubled back on that promise.

Piccolo gets the worst of this though, as he is murdered in a rather bloodless (we’ll get into that later too) and unsatisfying manner. In the arc after that, Piccolo loses in a tournament match due to a character cheating. This is especially annoying, because Piccolo was actually winning this fight, something that rarely happens anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they are focusing on Piccolo at all. The problem is that they put him in these epic fights, but do nothing with him.

Android 18, Goten, and Trunks also get shoved to the side. Goten and Trunks do almost nothing for most of the series, aside from fight a jelly version of Vegeta (seriously) and headbutt Tagoma in the nether-regions. I’m going to give Toei the benefit of the doubt here, as they are planning on using a ton of the characters in the upcoming “Universal Survival Arc”. Hopefully, this will give the cast much more screen-time and badass moments. Still, as it stands right now, the show has difficulty focusing on the right characters at the right times.

Problem #7: The Potaefu Arc

I was actually going to save talking about this arc later, since I had planned on covering all the arcs near the end of this rant/review. However, I feel like this needs to be discussed now as it highlights a lot of the problems I have with this series. For those who don’t know, after the Universe 6 arc, there was a 3 episode filler arc. This arc took place on the planet “Potaefu” and focused on Trunks and Goten accidentally getting stuck in the delivery truck of the mailman known as “Monaka”. Vegeta goes to save them, but at the same time Goten and Trunks have to deal with a bunch of thieves unleashing an evil slime monster.

We are then introduced to probably one of the worst villains this series has ever produced: Komeson. This puddle of slime is first introduced as “Superhuman Water”, a mythical liquid that can grant it’s user unimaginable power. However, this turns out to be a ruse and the water is actually an evil object that will copy the powers or identity of anything it finds. Eventually, that being will fade out of existence and copies it creates will take their place.

This seems like a cool concept in theory, but sadly it is poorly executed. Komeson quickly creates a clone of Vegeta who now has all of Vegeta’s powers, leaving the Saiyan prince a shell of his former self. Most of the story arc is seeing how far they can take Vegeta’s humiliation, pretty much demeaning his character in every way. Vegeta sucks on a pacifier, becomes literally an empty shell, loses all his powers, has to watch as Goku fights a clone of himself, and literally does nothing most of the time.

The problem with Komeson and Jelly Vegeta (as fans have nicknamed the duplicate) is that they aren’t interesting at all. Jelly Vegeta looks like a crappy melted action figure of Vegeta, while Komeson is just a pile of goo who can barely control his own duplicate. That’s right, Komeson can’t control Jelly Vegeta at all. Despite Jelly Vegeta being created from Komeson’s body, it just can’t fight the emotions of the body it takes over. This… Is stupid and destroys all the menace that could come from a body-jacking puddle of goo.

Now, I get that this arc was only three episodes, but still! You can do a lot with three episode story-arcs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 proved that very well. The problem here is that Super doesn’t make use of these three 20 minute long episodes. Most of this 1 hour worth of animation is just goofy shenanigans. It’s really low quality filler, worse than a lot of really bad fillers from other shows I’ve seen.

I get that a lot of filler ends up being really bad, because it’s just there to act as padding while the person who writes the manga comes up with new content. As far as filler goes though, this is very bottom of the barrel. It takes some concepts that could be done well if they were in the hands of a talented writer, and handles them very poorly. Komeson isn’t intimidating or interesting in any way, Jelly Vegeta is just kinda there, and the generic thugs that show up was just plain forgettable. It treats Vegeta like an absolute joke and ignores most of his vital character traits and amounts to little more than character degradation.

Most people agree that this feels like a waste of animation, as well as time and effort. It doesn’t help that this arc comes right before the amazing (if somewhat rushed) Future Trunks saga. It feels like such a terrible prelude to what has so far been Super’s strongest story arc. True, you can easily skip the Potaefu arc and miss nothing. That still doesn’t change the fact that it exists and forever come packaged with the Dragon Ball Super DVDs. This arc was a missed opportunity to fully utilize the slice-of-life style of Dragon Ball Super’s filler. And for that reason, it feels especially bad.

In Summation

Yeah, I know I haven’t really scratched the surface of what’s wrong with Dragon Ball Super. However, I felt that the first part was a bit too long and wanted to break it up into smaller parts. As in the last part, I know a lot of this is nitpicking, theorizing, or generalization. Again, this is just personal opinion. I know a lot of people aren’t going to share my views, and I’d like to hear what you guys think of it yourself. Feel free to leave a comment telling me if you like, despise, or just feel so-so about Dragon Ball Super. Opinions are the best kind of variety, and variety is the spice of life, so feel free to share your opinions. Part 3 will be up in the New Years, until then have a good one, everybody!


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