Best Games Of 2016: Syrup Edition Part 1

Hey everyone, Syrup here! I know we’re into Feburary now and 2016 is long over, but I felt like I should go back and talk about my favorite games of the year! Now, this isn’t going to be a top-ten list or anything of that latter. This is due to the simple fact that I don’t think I’ve played 10 games this year. As much as I’d love to do top 5, I decided on talking about each one individually and then saying which one was my favorite at the end. Rules for the list are as follows:

  1. The game has to have come out in Canada/America in 2016. If it came out in another country a few years earlier, but just came to Canada in 2016, then it is still eligible.
  2. This list is exclusive to games I’ve played in 2016. Don’t expect too many AAA games on this list as I sadly never played a lot of those this year.

And without further adieu, let’s get started!

Sure is 90s in here…

5089 An Action RPG:

This is probably going to be the most obscure game I talk about on this list! 5089 is an Indie game that released on Steam in 2016. Despite it’s ugly graphics, I was drawn into the concept of this game. You a robot landing on the planet Xax in order to destroy an evil overlord AI. All of your allies from 3089 are gone, and you must partner up with much more pessimistic robot allies in an attempt to destroy the evil purple robots and liberate the planet.

It isn’t the most original concept, but it works. The game itself has graphics that look like they are out of the 90s. Everything looks like it was made during the mid to late 90s, just when developers were figuring out what they could do with 3D graphics. Despite it’s dated presentation, it really is a fantastic game!

You explore a giant open world that is procedurally generated. It stretches on forever, and it reminds me a bit of how older games like Arena and Dagerfall handled their open worlds. What makes this game so great is it’s open nature, plus how it allows you to tackle the various enemies and obstacles you’ll face. Want to blast your enemy with a gun? You can do that! Wanna be a guy who runs around bashing enemies with a sword? You can do that! Wanna right around on a hoverboard? You can do that! The game allows for many cool things to do, such as crafting, piloting vehicles, acquiring armies of allies, or just exploring this neverending landscape.

The freedom in this game is intoxicating! I plan on making a skate-park for my hoverboard after beating the game, and then just skating it up. The game allows for two players, which is fun, but feels like more of a novelty. The game also has mod support, but since so few people play the game there sadly isn’t a lot of mods. The game itself is pretty cheap, I got it for about six and a half bucks. The game is normally on sale for 8 dollar and 8 cents Canadian, and I think it’s worth every penny! Just be prepared for slightly floaty controls, awful graphics, and a game that doesn’t provide in-depth tutorials.

Dragon Ball Fusions:

Amazing game! Fun, simple, entertaining, and very enjoyable! Sure, the game is easy but it’s fairly enjoyable. The game is a turn-based RPG set in an amalgamated version of the Dragon Ball world. All the timelines and continuities have fused together, creating a strange world where you and your best friend Pinich must explore and obtain new allies. The best part of the game is fusing party members together. Counting fusions and generic characters, there are about 600 characters in total. The game has 98 characters from the show, while most of the guys here are new characters.

It’s still got a healthy number of memorable characters, but lacks a lot of my favorites like Garlic Jr. and Bojack. It gets weirder when you realize that Garlic Jr’s Deadzone attack is still in the game. Despite certain characters being noticeably absent, I still loved it! It’s got a simple pick up and play vibe to it, despite the fact that most fights have a tendency to drag out for far too long. It sucks that too many fights rely on how fast your characters are, speedy characters rule this game. Still, it’s a fun and simply experience that I think everyone can enjoy.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir:

I never played the original Odin Sphere, but when I heard the original game was not only being remade, I jumped at the opportunity to play it! Weirdly though, this game was released on Vita and with a physical release no less! I was honestly surprised to see physical releases for Vita, since 90% of their games are often released digitally. But yeah, the game itself was amazing!

The game revolves around this little girl reading five different stories. Each story focuses on a different protagonist, but they all take place in the same world and at the same time. You’ll usually get an entire character’s story when you play through, but to get the full experience of the game’s story you need to play through with all five characters’ story. And they all play differently! Each character has it’s only skill tree that allows you to tailor-make each character to your preference.

No character is like the other one. Cornelius is swift and fast on his little rabbit feet and attacks quickly, Oswald is a shadow knight and can take on a berserk mode, and Velvet fights using a series of traps. Each character in unique, and has their own individual story that connects with the other ones. Couple this with some amazing graphics, fantastic soundtrack, and enjoyable gameplay and you have one of the best videogame remakes ever made! It’s less like a remake, and more like a sequel. So much is different or enhanced, that it feels like an entirely new game!

Final Fantasy Explorers:

Out of all the games I played and enjoyed this year, I’d say this one is the least in terms of quality. Still a great and enjoyable game, but it definitely has problems. It’s a game set in a fantasy world, not unlike those of most Final Fantasy games. You are an Explorer, a warrior sent out into the field to gather items, slay monsters, fight bosses, and all that jazz. The game has an MMO-like quality to it, what with its focus on exploration and grinding.

Unfortunately, the RPG elements that make Final Fantasy great kind of water down this title. While this was a game I immensely enjoyed this year, it’s slow pace and lack of a satisfying ending or plot really bogged down my experience. Couple that with an excessive amount of grinding, a world that only opens up to you bit-by-bit, and strange difficulty spikes and you have a very flawed game.

However, I still stand by the opinions I made in my review. It’s fun, despite its repetitive nature. It has nice graphics and a fun system that allows you to change your class at will. The many classes add so much variety to the game and allow for a lot of unique party builds when playing online. The game has a good mix of different weapons to use, as well as a pet system allowing you to bring monsters with you.

In all honesty, this game had a fair bit of good content, despite its many flaws. It’s weird that this game seems so lacking when compared to its competitors. There isn’t a whole lot to do in town, and your character doesn’t even have a house! I guess he just lives on the street or something. I recommend this game if you’re looking for something a bit different than your average Monster Hunter clone.

Conclusion of Part 1:

This is only about half of the games I plan on talking about. I still haven’t talked about Dragon Quest VII, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, God Eater Resurrection, and Monster Hunter Generations yet! Expect the next part in a few days to a week. After I discuss the last few games, I’m going to choose which game I feel was the best this year. Until then, have a good one everybody!


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