My Favorite Band: JAM Project


I often don’t talk about music a whole lot on my blog, probably because it isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I do love music, but it’s not something I often write about or want to write about. However, I did feel like discussing my favorite band, a band I feel doesn’t get enough recognition in the West. I’m of course talking about the Japanese rock band known as JAM Project.

These guys are the Japanese equivalent to the band Queen, possessing a similar kind of awesomeness. Each band member has had a career in singing theme songs to anime, even before joining the band. Having all these amazing musicians together is fantastic, and they all gel together very well. Each song is packed with energy and extremely vibrant, as well as being fast and in your face.

When it comes to bands, I don’t have many I like. I guess you can call me a hipster, because I just can’t get behind the music of nowadays. Too many bands I’ve never heard of, too many regurgitated love songs, too many repetitive and formulaic songs. When it comes to JAM Project though, I can listen to them all day and all night! They are an amazing band that produces so many amazing songs. Sure, not all their songs are great, but a large majority of them are. If you like awesome Japanese music, I recommend checking them out!


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