My Thoughts On Samurai Jack Season 5 Premiere

Well, after 13 long years, we finally have the continuation of one of the greatest cartoons ever: Samurai Jack. This is a saga that revolves around a strong and hardened warrior, namely a samurai named Jack. After Jack’s attempt to murder an all-powerful demon, he is flung thousands of years into the future. This new twisted timeline is ruled by said demon, the ultimate evil known as Aku. The show from here on out focuses on Jack’s seemingly never-ending quest to return to his proper time and defeat Aku.

The show was sadly cancelled after season 4, and for the longest time we didn’t have a continuation. There was a comic book published by IDW that continues the plot, but the original creator of the series has gone on record in saying its non-canon. The comics are still great, but they aren’t the continuation everyone had really hoped for. The series also ended on a rather ambiguous note, refusing to provide a conclusive ending to the series.

However, with season 5 of the show now airing, we’re getting just that! Samurai Jack is back and much darker than before, while still retaining the charm of the original. It’s one of the most amazing and entertaining cartoons I’ve had the pleasure of watching in the past decade. It has very few flaws, and the ones it does have due little to sour the experience. I just hope that Adult Swim can keep up the quality on this series throughout its ten episode run.

I’m just glad we’re getting a conclusion to this story after so long. Samurai Jack is a thing of beauty, but it’s also a story that should end at some point. There’s no need to keep dangling the carrot in front of our faces for decades at a time. With the amount of effort going into this conclusion, I have the feeling that we will finally get that satisfactory ending.


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