My Thoughts On Samurai Season 5 Episode 2

I don’t know why, but I felt like doing another journal post on Samurai Jack. I guess it’s just that the newest episode of the series is probably one of the most epic episode of anything I’ve ever seen on television. This episode somehow tops the last one, which was near perfection. It’s fantastic, truly a treat. So, what makes it so special? Unlike the original show, this episode establishes that this show won’t be episodic. It follows directly after the last one with some immense payoff.

Jack has to deal with some assassins, extremely skilled ones. Ones that aren’t what he’s used to, literally. Jack ends up sacrificing what little was left of his honor in order to win and survive. Jack has to fight against what he thinks are just robots, but finds out that his battle has just gotten more serious. Jack is pushed to the brink in this episode, and it’s really intense to watch. We always picture Samurai Jack as this near unbeatable warrior of justice.

However, in this episode Jack gets his butt kicked like never before. It’s one of the most intense beatdowns I’ve ever seen in anything animated and it’s a truly sight to behold. Few series can top themselves in such an immense way, yet Samurai Jack has done this an insane amount of times. This episode did so many amazing things and it’s just awesome.

Does this episode have problems? Yeah, it does here or there. For one thing, I felt like the whole “Jack having hallucinations” thing is starting to get played out. While there’s only one in this episode, I feel if each episode does this it might old. It doesn’t help that most of these hallucinations seem to repeat the same things, which is kind of annoying. The writing during these scenes is fantastic, even if most of these flashbacks seem to regurgitate the same statements.

That’s really a nitpick though. I couldn’t find too many flaws with it. It  was great that we got to see Aku again, Greg Baldwin does a fantastic job taking over for the late great Mako. Casting on this show was near perfection. I can’t help but sing the praises of this show. I feel that once I re-watch the season after its completely released, then I’ll probably start finding flaws with it like crazy. Am I blinded by nostalgia? Maybe a little, but I try to view everything with an open mind and not just nostalgia goggles. I think the real reason I like this so much is because it has everything I look for in an action show. I really want to see what it does next!


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