Why I Think Mazinkaiser Is The Best Anime Ever

Geez, even as a toy Mazinkaiser looks badass!

It’s hard to find that anime that really interests me and keeps me invested in its plot. It’s even harder to find an anime that is both off the wall crazy and super entertaining to watch. I believe I’ve found the latter of the two, a little known classic named Mazinkaiser. What is Mazinkaiser? Well, it’s a giant robot anime from the 90s, and I love it! I’ve discussed this show before, but never in great detail. Today, I wanted to touch on why I love this series so much.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Mazinkaiser is a spinoff of the long-running Mazinger Z anime series. A young man named Kouji Kabuto pilots the giant robot known as Mazinger in order to protect the world from a cavalcade of silly villains. This includes Baron Ashura, a being who is half man and half woman right down the middle, and the enigmatic and insane mad-scientist known only as Dr. Hell.

It sounds like a ridiculous series, and it very much is. When creating this spinoff / reboot, the animation and design team put lots of effort into creating a product that captures the raw bombastic energy of the original. In this show, Kouji is defeated in combat and even his allies from the Photon Power Lab can’t stop Dr. Hell’s latest batch of cronies from wrecking the city.

However, Kouji eventually stumbles upon his grandfather’s greatest creation: Mazinkaiser. This giant robot is so powerful that it proves to difficult for even Kouji to master at first. Eventually, he gets the hang of it and gains one of the most powerful mechs ever designed for anime. When I say most powerful, I mean it! Mazinkaiser never takes any physical damage at all, even when tossed into a freaking volcano!

So, with his new mecha and his friends by his side, Kouji fights to stop the advance of the evil Dr. Hell. If there’s one thing that this show does amazingly is its animation! It looks fantastic and super expressive, especially for an anime OVA released in 1999. Designs are sleek and have a retro feel to them, and the theme song is freaking amazing! It’s hard to go wrong when you have JAM Project singing the theme song.

Now, this show doesn’t really have a plot. In fact, it’s a mostly episodic series, until the last few episodes. This show is filled to the brim with blood, violence, and hot babes. It’s what would happen if someone took an edgy 90s kid’s journal and made it into an animated series. The show is 7 episodes worth of gratuitous violence and nonsense shenanigans. I’ll be entirely honest with you, I think that’s certainly a winning combo!

Mazinkaiser doesn’t set out to be anything than a bloody and campy giant robot throw-down, and is probably one of my favorite giant robot shows of all time. Sure, I love GaoGaiGar, Big O, and Gurren Lagann, but Mazinkaiser remains my all time favorite. It’s hard to go wrong with a series where people shoot jet-propelled rocket-fists at each other while screaming nonsense attack names.

Last thing I’d like to note is the voice acting! It’s supreme, on both the English and Japanese audio tracks. The English track always stands out as my favorite, just because of how well the voice-cast manages to capture the insanity of the original. Kouji and Boss were cast perfectly, and I have yet to find a Super Robot anime dub that does as good of a job as this series has done. ADV, you are gone but not forgotten…

Anyways, those were my opinion on Mazinkaiser. I wanted to give a larger more in-depth review on it, but I thought I’d just put this mini-review out there instead. Mazinkaiser is a show that’s hard to do a full review on, mainly due to the fact that the show is more style than substance. It looks great, has awesome bloody fight scenes, but lacks any real narrative drive. It’s just a mindless show to watch for fun, nothing to really over-analyze or look too deeply into.

It’s a show that really captured my imagination and at the same time, appealed to all of those things I love in classic anime. That’s why I can say without a doubt that Mazinkaiser is my favorite anime, nothing compares to it! I’d like to know what your guys’ favorite anime is as well. Feel free to comment below and tell me about the shows you enjoy!


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