Discovering Old Shows: Galaxy Rangers

When it comes to very old animation, I usually steer clear of it. Sure, I love 90s animation and will still watch it, but it’s hard to go further back and watch stuff from the 70s and 80s. The 90s was that weird period in animation where shows were getting darker, or had weirder themes or bizarre scenarios. In comparison, 80s animation just seemed too watered down and bland to me. There are definitely exceptions to this, such as Visionaries or the first 2 seasons of The Real Ghostbusters. However, there’s another cartoon that often gets overlooked and that is “The Adventures of The Galaxy Rangers”.

Otherwise known as “I can’t believe it’s not Saber Rider!”

Out of the many shows to come out of the 80s, few compare to the Adventures of The Galaxy Rangers. Coming out in the mid 80s, this series was unique in that it had really good animation for the time (or even today), likeable and memorable characters, an engaging and interesting plot, and having dark and serious undertones in a kids show. The series revolves around a group of people with cybernetic body-parts who are given special implants to make them even stronger. With these implants, these “Galaxy Rangers” are sent after an evil alien space queen who has kidnapped his wife.

That’s the general setup of the plot, but it’s a lot more deep than that. The show itself was written by former horror writers, and boy does it show! The show can be scary, epic, awesome, and atmospheric. Combine that with a kicking rock soundtrack, interesting characters (Shane Gooseman is my favorite) and some good action and you have a decent 80s cartoon.

I just discovered it recently, and already found myself binge-ing it. It’s got some awkward voice-acting here and there, but that doesn’t really kill the mood for me. Honestly, it’s one of the few 80s cartoons I found myself being able to get invested in. This feels like the Gargoyles of the 90, a dark cartoon with great action that treats its audience like adults. It’s got a huge cult following, despite the fact they never really revisited this amazing show in any form. I’d love a reboot or remake, but I’m happy with the show the way it is.

It’s a forgotten little gem of an 80s show that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It captures that classic anime feel, but couples it with American sci-fi and horror. It feels like a good mixture and a well put-together series. It’s some great 80s animation, and a stellar soundtrack. If you can past some awkward flubbed lines here and there, then you have a truly great sci-fi show to watch!


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