200th Post + Picture With William Shatner!

This is officially my 200th post and I wanted to make it special. It’s been nearly 2 years sine I started this blog, and it has had its ups and downs. I’m going to continue updating and providing great content for you, and I hope you all continue to read my posts! Without further adieu, I show you one of the crowning moments of the entire year for me thus far:


This is pic of me and my friends with the legendary founding father of nerd-dom known as William Shatner. I’m the guy in the blue and white striped shirt on the left, T. Hilde is the smiling guy in the middle, while the guy on the right is In92Days. 92 Days scheduled this whole meetup and the reason we went to the con is because of his planning. Honestly, it was a fantastic day and meeting William Shatner (even if it was for a few brief seconds) was something truly amazing.

Keep in mind, I got permission from both of my friends before posting this picture. This honestly was the center-point of the entire convention. I’ll probably never do a photo op like this again, but I feel this one was definitely worth my time and money. It was a great photo and something I’ll treasure forever. Anyway, thanks for reading! Like I said, this is my 200th post and I hope to have many more in the future. Have a good day, everyone, and keep it real.


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