Why Fantasy Life Is Such An Amazing Game

I’ve talked about this game before, but I feel what I said bares repeating: I love Fantasy Life! It’s an action RPG that also doubles a life-sim, putting you into the shoes of a would-be protagonist. You’re given a job and tasked with working at it, while at the same time teaming with a magical talking butterfly to save the world. It’s a game with a premise that is equal parts ridiculous and amazing!

While several jobs play like one another, I can’t deny how awesome it is to see certain jobs operate. You can be a fisherman and catch fish in lakes of lava, or be a blacksmith and make all of your own gear. The game reminds me a lot of Animal Crossing, though I found I had a lot more fun with this game. This game felt like it had boundless enjoyment packed into it.

It possessed a silly story, a wide cast of colorful and like-able characters, and just generally a good atmosphere all around. The game pretty much let you do anything and it was a real hoot to do so! You can be a swordsman, a cook, a miner, whatever you imagine you can do. Want to buy property in different lands in the game? You can even do that. You can deck out your house in all these crazy decorations too!

There is just so much to do in this game. The game’s structure just begs for exploration, which is something I did quite a lot between chapters. There are so many bosses, items, and areas to interact with. If I had any major complains with the game, it would be that the game is too easy. I beat the game and only died on a couple of occasions, making it one of the easiest games I’ve played through in years.

That being said, I still enjoyed my time with the game! Sure, it’s about as easy as Kingdoms of Amalur on any difficulty, but it’s still a blast to play through. I’m honestly not a huge fan of games that simulate life in any capacity. I’m a guy who likes his experience as retro as it can get. However, Fantasy Life manages to portray its world in a way that draws me in every time.

I don’t feel like I’m just a player taking part in this world while playing the game, I feel like I’m just another part of it. Couple this with a game that has a fairly deep character creator, a ton of different missions to undertake, and a world that’s vast enough to explode, and you have something is wholly unique. Sure, this game has problems. It’s fairly repetitive, most jobs blur together, and the main story is far too easy. With that being said, I truly had fun with this game and recommend it to everyone who loves a good action RPG!


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