Video-Game Idea #1: Imagine Lords: War Of Renewal

I’ll be honest, I’m not game developer. I know a lot about games, but I’m no beta tester or programmer. However, I do like to muse from time to time on potential game ideas. I know these will never be picked up, but I think it’s still something fun to talk about. So, one idea I had is a game takes place in the dreams of a fictional god. The god will always be different on each play-through, chosen from a pool of available gods. The gods will be taken from all mythologies. This could be Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Japanese, or any other mythology you think of.

The game would take place at the end of existence. The god you choose will be floating in a non-existent void, frozen by time and unable to interact with anything. The god you choose will be trapped in his/her own dreams. Inside this dream is a somewhat small open-world, but set in a more fantastical version of our own universe. The god is now in human form within said dream-scape, yet possesses some of his god-like powers.

The human you play as will be customizable, unlike the god. After creating your human, your told by a “Dream Nymph” to defeat various foes in order to regain your god-like power. This involves fighting enemies, leveling up, and regaining access to your god powers. You venture across this small, yet fully explore-able open world. Why is the initial open world so small? I’ll get to that in a bit.

Now, the game’s first act will eventually take you to your last challenge as a mortal: Defeating yourself. In order to fully take on your god form, you must defeat it. I imagine the bosses themselves not being too unique from each other, since there will be so many gods available. So, a fight with Anubis may play out the same way as a fight against Hades. Regardless, once you defeat your god form, you will absorb it and return to your godly appearance.

This is when things get really interesting. You won’t wake up right away, instead you will be thrown into another dream-scape. This one is massive and is a true open-world. With your new god powers in tow, you have to do battle against other gods. These other gods will be other plays (or NPCs if you choose not to play this portion of the game online) Imagine this portion of the game playing similar to Grand Theft Auto Online, but as an action RPG featuring gods.

In this dream-scape, you’ll start off in a land indicitative of the mythology you originate from. For example, if you are a Japanese god, you start in Japan. Your goal at this point is to destroy all the other gods and become the last one standing  Think of it like something akin to God of War, expect it’s a last man standing dealie instead of a revenge mission.

The reward for the god battles will be the chance to remake the universe in whatever way you see fit. You see, each game you play in the second act will be called a “cycle”. The last player standing, who defeats all the other gods and absorbs their essence and god powers becomes the one true god. At this point, you can remake the universe however you see fit.

Now, battles between overpowered gods would be difficult. That’s why the offline mode will be there, with adjustable difficulty. So, those who want to get to that third act can do so offline. If they want to try their luck against far more powerful gods, they can go online and try their luck. Of course, it would be tough to balance the powers of so many gods and keep the game fair. What I think would be interesting is that if there were other ways for the gods to settle their quarrels without fighting.

These could include games of chance, tests of might or speed, or even mini-games to decide who is the superior god and the one deserving to continue. Players who lose have the chance to either watch the progress of the god who absorbed them for a while, or simply start a new cycle against new opponents or new game if they wish. So, what happens after you become god of the universe? You get to create the universe!

This would be less like a simulation game, and more of a building game. You would create planets and stars using your god powers, but would have to recharge after creating a few planets. To recharge, you would have to go down to the planets and sew the seed of life using your powers. You create new life using magic and your god-like energies, and these would become the beings that inhabit each planet.

So, the game would continue like this, with you creating each planet and star until the universe becomes completely full. After creating enough planets, you can either fill the rest of the universe up with planets, or just auto-spawn them so you aren’t taking forever to populate everything. From there, the game is pretty much done. You can go to planets, engage in wars, or even destroyed what you create.

Once you felt you done enough, you can voluntarily choose to end the game. Then, you start a new game as a new god, or just go back to a previous part of the game. You would even be given the option to go back to the god battle portion, but play it as your custom human character instead, so you have the opportunity to explore this much more massive world.

Now, I imagine a game like this being tough to make. Not only would you have to balance an open-world, but account for the online servers and all the gods that will show up. I guess the game doesn’t need the online portion to be perfect. I feel having smart NPC gods as opponents during the war session would be more fulfilling than fighting player-controlled gods who abuse the engine and find ways to cheese system.

I think the hardest part of getting the game to be made would be the concept itself. It’s about gods fighting each other, which would most likely upset some cultures. I’ll be honest, I respect all mythologies and religions. I just like the idea of all these gods meeting and duking it out. I’ve always been a huge fan of shows like Saint Seiya and Justice League, shows where heroes and gods often do battle.

So, having a game like this would be an interesting experience, in my opinion. I know there are games out there already with gods fighting it out, but I’d love if there was a game that had gods fighting each other to become the one true master of the universe. I think of my idea of a combination of Smite, Spore, God of War, Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto Online, and maybe a little Reign of Kings tossed in there.

Regardless, I hope you all enjoy the little idea I tossed out there. I’m no game developer, nor do I have an intention of ever being one. I’d love to write for a video-game, but my interest in game development does not go beyond that. Of course, that could always change in the future. I’m only 26, so who knows? Maybe one day I might get interested in game development and make this into a game somehow. I doubt I’d be able to pull that off, but it’s still something fun to think about.


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