Steam sales are a magical thing, without question. I’m a guy who limits himself to 20 dollars at a time while buying Steam cash, and I had my eyes on one game: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1. I was going to get the second game, but that was bucks extra, and without DLC included. So, I thought I’d start with the first one instead. So, I grabbed the first XV game, along with all its DLC.

I have made it no secret that I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan. I’ve been watching this series since I was a kid, and fell out of love with the franchise for a while. In the past few years, I’ve been getting back into it. So, what is Xenoverse? It’s basically an MMORPG, that you can play offline or single-player. It’s an action-RPG mixed with a fighting, similar to Dissidia, but with far less cinematic fights.

I’m loving the game so far! I made a character who was a member of Frieza’s race (pictured above), the villain from the second arc. It’s fun to run around and level up and gain new gear, typical RPG stuff. It’s got problems, sure, like stats being tied directly to your clothing and not being able to transfer them. I hear that the sequel fixes this, but I have yet to actually try it for myself.

Xenoverse is this special kind of MMO, one that lets you be your own custom Dragon Ball character and go on adventures. That’s a pretty solid idea on its own, but Xenoverse takes it a step further with its insane customization features. You can tailor a moveset to your liking, choose from hundreds of different clothing sets and accessories, and even choose which items to bring into battle.

There’s a lot here, more than most of the Dragon Ball games that came before it. While Xenoverse has some archaic design choices (such as only giving you one character slot until you beat the game), it’s still one of the most entertaining games based off an anime that I have ever played.

I want to give this game a full review at some point, but for now I just want to say that this game is fantastic. It’s got problems, quite a bit in fact. That doesn’t really detract from the whole package here. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering the beef dip. Sure, it isn’t the greatest thing on the menu, but it’s freaking delicious. Especially with the Au Jus… Oh god, I’m making my mouth water!

Anyways, I highly recommend if you haven’t played Xenoverse, to play it right now. You can get the first game and all of its DLC just for 19 bucks on Steam’s summer sale right now. It’s worth every penny, trust me! I hope you all enjoy the sale, and your summer breaks. Keep it real, and thanks once again for taking the time to read what I write.

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